Doing right by our members
We're constantly looking for new ways to do what's right for our members. That's why CUA Health is partnering with HBF, to make sure we can keep giving you the best in health cover.

There will be no changes to the way you use your health cover or interact with us. We have prepared some frequently asked questions that might help you answer any queries you have. If you still have more questions, contact us on 1300 499 260.

CUA Health and HBF are more similar than you might think

We're both purpose driven

We always put our members first

We have Australian-based call centres

To talk to us about your cover call 1300 499 260

COVID-19 Payments

We don’t believe in profiting from a pandemic, that’s why we pledged to return any profit to our members. Find out how this might affect you and what you can do next.

Wellness Benefits

Good health is about so much more than good health cover. Find out which wellness benefits each of our members get access to

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Optical Discounts

Whether it’s contacts, glasses or just frames, this is optical cover worth looking at.

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4% Banking Customer Discount

We believe good health and good banking go hand in hand. Find out more about receiving 4% off your CUA health cover premium.

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Have a few questions?

Getting the most out of your health cover means asking about it. Find out more about preparing for hospital, claiming extras, finding a doctor, rebates and more.

Hear the latest news from the world of health cover and find out what CUA Health is doing for its members

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How to choose a weight loss app

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* The 4% discount is applied to CUA Health premiums paid by direct debit from a Great Southern Bank transaction account. CUA Health reserves the right to amend or remove the discount and any qualifying criteria at any time. We will always provide you with reasonable notice before exercising this right.